Bloodthirsty Vegan Alien Witch

I had this brilliant idea to spend the Mayan apocalypse in the Ancestral Puebloan ruins of Chaco Canyon. I mean, they had trade routes going deep into Mexico, so that’s the closest to Mayan I’m gonna get out here. Plus Chaco is much more important to me than Chichen Itza.

The park has a Ranger program at 7am to observe the sun rising through a marker aligned for the Winter Solstice. So I got up at 2am, left the house at 3:15am, drove 170 miles in the dark, and got to Chaco at like 6:30am. Well, seems like I wasn’t the only one with this brilliant idea. Park Ranger said this was the biggest Winter Solstice gathering the park has ever seen. Usually only about 10 people show up!

It was 2F degrees. After about 45 minutes of standing still and waiting for the sun to rise, I was seriously freezing and couldn’t stop shivering for 20 minutes while warming up in the car. But it was worth it to observe this day out in a wild, ancient, sacred place. I can’t think of a better way to greet the reborn winter sun and the dawning of the new Mayan age.