Bloodthirsty Vegan Alien Witch

dangeranddelight said:

I haven’t read that post, but I do find the way you push your religion a bit overbearing. I recognise you probably don’t see it as pushing religion, but it is indeed religion. I follow you because your images reflect the glory of the Christian God.

I’m very happy to hear that you feel the images I reblog/post reflect the glory of the Christian God! :D Speaking of religion, you may have noticed that I post Buddhist, Pagan, Aboriginal, Taoist, Hindu, New Age, Abrahamic, and Atheist stuff with equal admiration. I’m very eclectic myself so I’ll take wisdom wherever I can find it. That’s religion. But I’m assuming you mean the vegan stuff, huh?

This is a personal blog, and so I post whatever makes me happy, whatever I care about, and whatever I think is interesting. Indeed, on my front page, above the big bold YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED sign, I list “animal & environmental activism” as content you can expect me to post. If I see something I consider unjust, I will work to raise awareness about it, since I believe we can make the world a better place.

If you feel I’m “pushing” a “religion” on you in an “overbearing” way, I have to wonder why… have I posted something factually inaccurate? have I attacked you? have I told you to forsake Christ? do you even disagree with anything I’m saying on moral grounds? Veganism is simply active compassion. It’s a philosophy that promotes minimizing unnecessary suffering in the world (of both humans and everyone else) and seeks to reverse the self-destructive path we’re on as a species.

Since you haven’t read the post I thought you were commenting about, I’ll just copy it’s central point: “This is about a corporate culture that systematically tortures animals, wreaks havoc on ecosystems, drives sustainable farmers out of business, and endangers both their workers and their consumers. It creates a disconnect between people and their food, which not only allows health-threatening factory conditions to proliferate, but removes the element of personal accountability from our actions.”

If pictures of happy sanctuary cows, suffering shelter dogs, or knowing that Starbucks puts bugs in your beverages makes you uncomfortable, then perhaps it is a sign of your empathy for God’s creatures. However, if you would prefer pretty nature and animal pictures with minimal personal commentary, I could recommend the members I reblog most often: magicalnaturetournature-lustnaturalnati, and llbwwb. They’re great! :)

  1. dangeranddelight said: Yeah, I totally understand that it’s your blog and you can post what you like. Just putting it out there that I follow you with a sense of ambivalence. Actually, it is your fundamentalist pluralistic naturalism that I was referring to.
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