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Good news!! This month’s IKKI magazine is announcing a new magazine for next year. 

The last issue for IKKI will be the November issue which will be released on September 25. So that means at least two more chapters of Dorohedoro before IKKI disappears.

The new magazine will feature works by Tanato, Totempole, Yuuta Nishio, and Hosokawa Tenten. Some may recognize the first two artists as BL authors but that doesn’t necessarily mean the new magazine will be BL oriented as plenty of those authors create non-BL works, usually with a different pen name. 

Nothing on whether the new magazine will publish Dorohedoro or if it will move to another magazine. If Q decides to go with the new magazine that would mean going a few months with no new chapters :(

Dokuga & Shin by 一橋 真
Shin & Noi by Teapin

What do you think about vegans who constantly bash people for trying veganism but aren't fully committed? For example, some people are vegan for the week and then weekends enjoy meat or dairy products. I wish they didn't eat meat or dairy products but, the way I see it is I'm pretty happy they didn't for the week rather than they would have anyways. I rather people be more open and slowly try. Even if they aren't a true vegan like myself. I'm happy knowing if it made 1 less animal being eaten.


Hi anon, this is a really good question; thank you taking the time to write it!

I wouldn’t want to pass judgement on any fellow vegans with so little context. I do think it is a good thing when anyone reduces the amount of animal products in their diet, it is something everyone should aim for, and there are a small number of people who cannot go vegan for various reasons. However, there is a difference between trying it out to see if you can transition, and just stopping there. I won’t praise anyone for cutting out animal products for a few days and letting themselves go at the weekend. That is not what veganism is, those people are simply on a diet, if they understood the oppression and abuse properly, they would understand that it is never okay. We don’t ask human abusers to abuse less, we ask them to stop abusing. This is the problem with events like “meatless monday,” while getting people to eat less animal flesh is undoubtedly a good thing, it encourages the idea that it is okay to contribute to animal suffering so long as you do it in moderation. 

Veganism is a personal journey, and everyone does it at a pace that is right for them. No one can be expected to cut out animal products altogether all in one go. However, making it your lifestyle to only take part in animal abuse on weekends, as like, “an abusive treat,” is ludicrous. When we are dealing with the suffering of sentient beings, the murder and oppression of some 60 billion individuals; nothing but absolute abolitionism is enough. 



What we see through social media is a generation of ignorant social activists. Young men and women all too willing to care about and defend something they don’t truly understand and refuse to educate themselves further on because they assume the limited information they receive has been vetted by someone more knowledgeable than themselves. This happens on both sides of the fence, with both conservatives and liberals.

I’ve seen arguably intelligent young men and women stand up at banquets and rallies, demanding answers about things like healthcare, DOMA, federal military actions. Asking questions about things they’ve seen on Facebook, on twitter, things that they’ve taken little to no time to research for themselves, and they look like fools. No matter their age, they paint themselves with a red mark that announces ‘I’m not mature enough to be here, to discuss these issues’.

But even so, it isn’t truly about age. It’s about social awareness. You are not discounted until you make a mistake. Say the wrong thing or quote the wrong statistic. Until then, your legitimacy remains intact.

Tumblr is like this.

I’ve seen people furious over gay rights legislation that doesn’t actually exist. Wars that haven’t happened. Most recently text posts with tens of thousands of notes alleging that China and Russia are going to go to war with the US over Syria.

Blogs relaying damaging misinformation written by individuals who can’t seem to be bothered to read a newspaper or use google properly. This is a crippling trend, and no one sees it.

These people get untold attention and affirmation until one person with a large enough follower count points out the flaw in their argument. Corrects the mistake, and shifts the tide. But this doesn’t fix the thousands of people who liked and reblogged the original post. The damage is done.

If there is one thing I’ve learned from working on political campaigns, very little is more damaging than an activist who argues only one side of the story without recognizing the existence of the other; because your opinion, no matter how solid and seemingly factually based, is invalid the second your audience realizes they know more than you.

And the result of all of this is a generation of young activists who don’t understand why they aren’t being taken seriously.

a recent conversation with a colleague regarding social media (via onawingandaswear)

"A generation of young activists who don’t understand why they aren’t being taken seriously” fuck I want to make that the title of my blog

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We are negligent and we are killing our world.

Powerful images — our actions can (and do) affect something as big as an ocean. 


Berserk Statues II - I NEED THEM TOO =’((((((


Episode 336 ~ 8-8-2014


Episode 336 ~ 8-8-2014

毒蛾たん♪ (Dokuga-tan♪) by 零ちゃんねる