Bloodthirsty Vegan Alien Witch
Fujita & Ebisu by うな
Shocked Fujita by のっ
Aikawa & Nikaido by もくじ

innovate-youth replied to your photo “Head Mascots (via @Emboss0320)”

I need the kaiman gas mask, en, shin, noi, and aikawa deffinately… ad then the thers would make there way to my pockets as well ;-; say, do you happen to have any links to buying this stuff in the US?

I see both Head Mascot Collections up on eBay right now, and very reasonably priced, imo (I paid more for them through Rinkya).

Kai’s Smoke: 1, 2, 3

Aikawa x Nikaido: 1, 2

Head Mascots (via @Emboss0320)

Head Mascots (via @Emboss0320)

Noi & Shin by kurosuke
Haru & Haze by ごんざぶろう
Haru & Duston by @miya_hotma
Haru: Kneel!

Haru & Duston by @miya_hotma

Haru: Kneel!

Noi by @SAY_A_BLUR
Dorohedoro Volume 19 by Asaku
Guts & Casca by くまご